Sushi Salad

Lady Shanny’s Comments:  This recipe comes from my mom.  She found it on the website of one of our major grocery stores.  I’m not the biggest fan of ginger but definitely put it in, it really rounds out taste and gives it the real sushi flavour.  Approximately one and a third cups of uncooked sushi rice (short grain) will give you four cups cooked.  There is no need to wait for the rice to cool before putting this together.  It’s equally yummy warm and cold.  To cut up the seaweed, roll it into a tube and then cut with kitchen shears.  Will end up with long skinny pieces which is nice for texture.

4 cups cooked short grain sushi rice

1 large carrot, peeled and coarsely grated

1 long english cucumber, chopped (leave the skin on)

1 medium avocado, peeled and chopped

1 120g tin of crab meat, drained

1 50g jar of pickled ginger, drained and chopped (finely if you don’t love ginger, coarsely if you do)

2 sheets nori (dried seaweed…used for wrapping sushi)

 1/3 cup teryaki sauce

Green onion, wasabi and sesame seeds for garnish, if desired.

Mix first 7 ingredients in a large bowl.  Pour sauce over top and stir to coat.  Garnish with green onion, wasabi and sesame seeds, if desired.

Yield 8 servings, 4 points each


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