Comment Contest

This contest runs January 21, 2008 to February 21, 2008.

How it works:

1.  You leave a comment between January 21, 2008 and February 21, 2008 on any post on this website and you get an entry into the draw.  The more comments you leave, the more entries you get.

2.  To qualify for an entry, each comment must be NO SHORTER than 15 words.  Spam comments will not be honored and will be deleted with haste.

3.  You will get a BONUS entry for any blog post that you write that links to this contest. (I’ll be alerted via pingback)

4.  Your comment must reference your email address (which no one can see except me) so that I can contact you in the event that you are the winner.

So what’s the prize?  The prize is under development right now but will consist of various items both food and otherwise that I love and think that you will love also.  Kind of like a “Lady Shanny Loves This” gift basket (except not in a basket because that will be difficult to mail).

The draw will take place at noon PST on February 23, 2008.  The winner will be contacted by email.  In the event that the winner does not respond by noon PST on March 4, 2008 another winner will be drawn.

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