Ask Lady Shanny

Are you sick of the same static advice all over the internet?  Do you have a question that you just can’t seem to find an answer for?  Have you found the answer but wish someone would put it in useable terms?  Well then you’ve come to the right place. (scroll down this page for the links to previous episodes)

Put your question in the box below and it will be answered in the next available Ask Lady Shanny column.  The column will run each Saturday for as long as we have interest.

Make sure if you want me to link your website when I answer your question, that you give me your URL. 

If you would rather ask a question anonymously, you can definitely do that as well.  You have to put a name and an email address in the box so it sends your question but you can always fake that kind of stuff. 

Episode One:  Winter Walking 

Episode Two:  Anchoring

Episode Three:  Finding Motivation

Episode Four:  Treats

Episode Five:  Skin and Weight Loss

Episode Six:  Food Tracking

Episode Seven:  Cravings

DISCLAIMER:  Lady Shanny is not a doctor, a nutritionist or an expert of any kind.  Lady Shanny is simply someone who has a large amount of random knowledge, some sarcasm and opinions on just about everything.  Actual medical questions should be directed to your health-care professional.

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