That Feels Better!

SHOPPING!  The day that I had been waiting for and banking on finally came on Friday.  My mom and I left for the US Friday morning and by 9am we were already well into the shopping.  Being that neither one of us are much for shopping, we did pretty well.  Here are some of my highlights:

First purchase:  This dress which is lovely.  (sorry the picture is so blurry)

Favourite Purchase:  This Puma vest  which was an awesome price (although I didn`t know how awesome until I got to the till!) and is going to get layered with the softest pink Puma polo shirt.  I think I smiled for about an hour after this purchase!

Most Surprising Store: I had no plans to go into Eddie Bauer but my mom wanted to take a peek and it turns out that Eddie and I have pretty similar taste. 

Most Amazing Moment:  Putting on a couple of size 6 items.

Most Costly Store:  Sephora!  Yikes! 

Hardest Things to Find:  Believe it or not (if you know me in real life) I had the WORST time finding shoes!  Nine West was alright but some of the other shoe stores that I can usually count on were a huge let down.  Until we drove 20 miles to another county to go to DSW Shoes.  SUCCESS!  I ended up coming home with 8 pairs of shoes altogether…which might seem extreme to some people but is just about right for me!  😉

Since I put a picture of my closet up the other day when I was lamenting my wardrobe nightmare, I thought I would put up a quick picture of how it looks now.  I included the before so that you could compare:


All in all it was a pretty good weekend.  Giant apple fritters were eaten (OK, just the one, but still!) laughs were had and clothes were bought (including one size 6 skirt!).  It definitely feels better to have a wardrobe again!

That`s it for me right now.  I told you that there would be an announcement tomorrow but I may have to push that back a wee bit.  I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon and then I`m having someone over shortly after that which means that it`s pretty much a given that the rest of the day and into the evening will be spoken for. 







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