It’s Just Good And That’s Good Enough

The difference in how I feel mentally is night and day from this time last week (or even this time a few days ago).  As my previous post mentioned, I wasn’t quite moving in the right direction for anything that I am trying to achieve.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a little quirky (which is a nice way of saying ‘slightly crazy’) but I believe that everyone is.  I just let my quirks get out of hand temporarily and start to define me and how I was thinking and how I was acting.

So in the last few days after I wrote the previous post, I was starting to get back to my regular, non-neurotic ways but I was worrying a little about whether or not the trip back to The Main Road of Sanity was going to be a smooth one once the guy that I’m interested in came back from his 3 week holiday.  Was seeing him going to mess everything up in my head again?

I am happy to report that we had a lovely day together yesterday, laughed lots, did some stuff that we both enjoy and overall just enjoyed each other’s company.  It was good and that is good enough.  I’m not feeling any need to try and project past the next time we see each other or analyze every comment or look.  I don’t know quite how to explain how I’m feeling right now; almost like a weight has been lifted, or maybe it’s just that I’m back to the way that I’m supposed to be. 

There are definitely going to be some issues that we’ll have to deal with if this relationship continues to progress, but they don’t need to be dealt with right now.  Right now, it’s all good.  And that’s good enough.

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