March Madness: Weigh In #4

I’m ever so sorry that I forgot to give you guys my March Madness update on Tuesday.  The goal of March Madness was to lose 8-10 pounds in the month of March (last weigh-in for me will be April 1) in whatever manner you choose, the only rule being that you have to do it safely and intelligently.  So far in this challenge I’ve lost 9 pounds leaving me with only 1 pound to lose this coming week to meet the outside parameter.  Not bad!  I really think that having an actual numbered goal to meet in a numbered period of time is a great idea because then you have something real to aim at. 

Now, moving on. 

Do you ever remember as a kid your mom saying to you, “No, you don’t need anything else to eat today.” when you were whining for a snack or a treat?  Do you remember if it was because you were bored or wanted comfort or attention?  I do know that this last week I’ve been whining for a snack or a treat in the worst way!  I’ve been working crazy long hours for the last 2 weeks and I think my snack needs are actually misread sleep needs.  Plus it’s Fourth Week right now which totally doesn’t help and it feels like FW has been dragging on forever! 

For the last two weeks, every morning I get up at a completely unreasonable hour, have breakfast over an hour and a half earlier than I normally do and then by 7am I’m starving.  What I’ve done is made my day about 2 hours longer but I’ve left my meals and snacks in the same places.  My brain thinks “It’s time to eat because normally we take our coffee break 3 hours after we have breakfast.”.  Unfortunately 3 hours after I have breakfast these days is still 2 hours before coffee time.  So I think even though my exercise has stayed the same I probably need to add in another small snack (and not just move calories around,sticking with my standard 1250) to avoid any ‘hanging on’ of calories.  I know long hours, routine change and added stressors can cause me to want to bury myself in food and not come out for awhile.  Purposely adding something else in to the day’s food will certainly help me stay content long enough to avoid that.

I think that this is all rubbing off on my exercise too.  The past couple of days I’ve had the worst time trying to convince myself to get out and run.  I’ve done it but I’ve been bitter and twisted about it.  And while I’m doing it I feel like I have a water buffalo tied to each leg, my breathing is very wheezy and the voice in my head that tells me I have to stop drowns out my iPod.  So is that from Fourth Week?  Or is it harder to exercise when you are mentally tired and when you’ve changed up your routine.    Not to be completely stupid, but I really don’t know since I’m pretty much making this up as I go along.  I’ve added an extra couple of hours to my day in the morning but I’m going to bed at a pretty reasonable time and I’m getting around 8 hours of sleep (sometimes a titch more).  If you shift your total sleep time up by two hours, are you getting less rest?  Or is 8 hours the same no matter what time you go to bed or get up at?  Does this all have any effect on performance in exercise?   I hope these questions don’t make me sound completely stupid.  Since I’m pretty much making this up as I go along, I’m bound to run into these bumps in the road.  This particular bump is going to go on for the next 4-6 weeks at least so I’m going to have to find some way to navigate around it.  Maybe like any change it will get easier as time goes by…maybe this is just the adjustment phase.  I think the first step is definitely eating a little more to make up for those extra hours. 

Do you guys have any thoughts?  Anything that you’ve noticed?  Have you had a hard time getting weight off when you’ve changed your routine even though you haven’t changed your calorie intake or burnoff?  Have you gained weight during the adjustment?



  1. Bev said,

    March 27, 2008 at 8:29 pm

    I would insert a snack between breakfast and your actual coffee time. Maybe some almonds or eat your coffee snack earlier and some almonds at coffee time. Your body only reads the clock by increments (hours from waking, hours from last food, etc) not the actual time on the clock.
    Also, how mentally tired are you? Have you looked after that part of your overall health? I know your evenings are short but could you try to fit in some ‘bird’ time with soothing music? A distraction totally removed from work, food, exercise thoughts.

  2. p4p said,

    March 28, 2008 at 2:35 pm

    Hey dude

    >>So is that from Fourth Week? Or is it harder to exercise when you are mentally tired and when you’ve changed up your routine.

    I always have a hard time running (or doing anything besides sleeping) when my period is in town AND it is totally harder to run when you are mentally tired (it’s probably hard to do anything whilst mentally tired). But, I usually feel way better after exercising no matter how much I want to skip it. Or at least I don’t get the skipped-the-gym-blues in addition to the period cramps and or mental tiredness.

  3. Lady Shanny said,

    March 28, 2008 at 3:57 pm

    Hey p4p,

    You see, the thing is that Fourth Week is actually not my period. Suckily enough it is the week BEFORE when everything goes screwy. Ya, I feel a little ick during but it’s the week before that I retain water, my skin gets crazy, I start to doubt myself in all aspects. It’s crazy! I totally get the idea behind doing it anyway, just to avoid adding the guilt on top of the rest of the crap!

  4. ladybeams said,

    March 31, 2008 at 5:52 pm

    Congratulations on making your goal for March (I have no doubt that you will lose at least your pound). Unless it’s a 5 wk month, 10lbs. for some reason scared the hell out of me this month, and I don’t know why, except that maybe I’m not as committed as I should be. I’m also still getting used to this “older body” and don’t totally trust it yet.

    I think it takes time to adjust to any major changes you make in regards to your lifestyle. Getting up a couple hours earlier can be very tiring until your sleep clock adjusts. Maybe you’re getting a little too much sleep, if you’ve adjusted to going to bed earlier also.

    I think as you get used to the time change, etc. it will be like anything else and get a little easier. Then you’ll be unhappy because you can’t sleep in LOL.
    Good luck. As in everything I’ve read about what you decide to take on, I admire your persistance.

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