Unknown Readers

Remember back in THIS post where I mentioned that I am pretty particular about who I give my website address out to?  Remember how I said that a grand total of 7 people who know me in real life have the address?  Ummm….it could be significantly more people than that! 

As it turns out, I’m dumb and I’ve been tagging all my emails with my website address for…well….I’m not sure how long it’s been there.  I’m not even completely sure who all has received an email with that tag on it since I don’t keep sent items.

When I figured that out this evening I just about had a heart attack!  It’s one of those things where you KNOW something isn’t quite right but you can’t put your finger on it so you just let it go.  Because as soon as I realized what I’d done I realized that I have seen that website address on every email I’ve sent in the last couple of months and it never even twigged that people would then be able to click the link and read every thought I’ve ever had.

So once again I am forced to put up a disclaimer.  It’s either disclaim or close the website.  Don’t worry about commenting that you love me and you don’t want me to go, that’s not why I put that up there.  The fact is that I was so overcome with angst about not knowing who all had the address that I was nauseated and came about 1 click away from deleting the whole thing!  So instead I choose to disclaim!

I hereby no longer have any control over who in my real life has this website address due to my own stupidity.  Because I refuse to write anything but the truth (otherwise what point would there be!) if you, Unknown Reader, choose to continue to read this website, please realize that you are likely to find out all sorts of things about me that otherwise you may not have known.  You, Unknown Reader, will have a very private piece of my world and I won’t even know it.  You are now, by default, in the circle of trust.  Please don’t screw it up!


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  1. Comrade GoGo said,

    March 25, 2008 at 7:52 am

    I’ve been thinking a lot about your dilemma, because truth be told, it’s always been one of mine, only I preferred to keep my blog private from family members rather than from acquaintances.

    However, since family always found my blogs and that boundary always got breached on a regular basis, I just invited them in deliberately when I created Comrade GoGo. I kind of gave up on having that boundary, I guess, because I can’t control what other people do, including reading my blog. And as a result, even though I’m honest as much as I can be, if I was out hoovering lines off a stripper’s butt (not that I am! i’m a complete homebody) last night, I would’t write about that on my blog. Just as an example.

    I write about my depression from time to time, my life with MC (excluding the nitty gritty most private coupley details), my weight . . . but not about things I think I’d be judged by a family member for, or about things that would possibly hurt them. Maybe that’s cowardly of me, but I guess I’ve experienced the heat in the past and decided I couldn’t take it anymore… So yes, there’s a level of self-censoring that’s inevitable there.

    Mourning a certain level of internet safety and anonymity is definitely part of it all. . . . I really grieved for my last blog after it was discovered, and I even tried not to blog anymore, but realized that I really needed the outlet and I missed my online buddies (like you!). So I just outed my blog from the start to get rid of the constant paranoia, censored myself a bit, and took it from there. A compromise, to be sure. I guess what feels right to each of us is a very individual thing…

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