Product Review

Do you ever have those days where even before you leave the house you know that you are going to be a menace to society?  That you are going to be short with clerks and impatient with other shoppers and just generally a bitch?  Ever have one of those days where everything you touch turns to sh*t?  You become buttery-fingered, things that you go to pick up become entangled, you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for in the instant that you want it and then you flip out?  That was my day today.  Granted, I’m at the beginning of Fourth Week and this is the first time I’ve had to manage FW while also being a NON smoker.  Does that absolve me of being a jerk?  No, but it certainly explains it!

Once I got home I knew I was going to have to keep myself busy or I was going to end up chewing my way through my house.  Unfortunately, when you’re this crabby, it becomes a little harder to make yourself do anything.  That said, I did spend some time blog-walking, I made my lunch for tomorrow, I did some dishes and I cooked some rice. 

So having run out of things to do and not being interested in watching TV, I figured maybe I would start listening to the CD that I was sent.  If you missed the post about that, ultimately what happened was that I received an email from a marketing company saying: 

We’re currently working with SkinnySongs founder and lyricist, Heidi Roizen, to communicate with high-quality bloggers about her album entitled, “SkinnySongs.” It is our hope that you’ll be interested in receiving a copy of the album for review on your blog.

I agreed to participate and have been waiting for the CD to arrive.  It came earlier this week and to be perfectly honest, I wasn’t holding out that much hope for the CD, even though Heidi Roizen and the CD have both been featured on the Martha Stewart show.  Anyway, they sent me the CD with the understanding that I would listen to it and then review it here so I figured I’d better get at it.

As it turns out, I am an ass!  The CD is remarkable.  The songs are catchy and mild and easy to listen to.  In all honesty, they won’t be winning any Grammy Awards as there is not a lot of depth to the music (it reminds me of easy listening country music).  It’s the lyrics!  Holy Hannah!  On today, one of the most unmotivated and self-sabotaging days that I have every month, these songs put me right back in the correct mindset.  They are honest and real and true.  The whole time you’re listening you’re getting constant positive encouragement.  You’re replacing the negative or self defeating thoughts you might be having with more positive ones (Eg.  “you’re the boss, not the food, remember that with gratitude”).  I liken it to having a good conversation with someone in your support system.  It’s a musical conversation that renews your motivation and reminds you why you’re putting in all the effort and the sacrifice.  It’s like having someone stand in front of you and keep telling you that they believe in you and that they know that you can do it! 

I quite like this CD and would encourage you to pick yourself up a copy for those days when you’re not quite feeling the right vibe.  I do have one small critisism though.  It tends to come up a bit shy on the overall picture of both health and thin.  The songs are all about looking good, becoming thin, liking what you see in the mirror.  The lyrics encourage watching what you eat and getting some exercise.  They mention that it won’t always be easy, that it’s a long, slow road and that the reward at the end is totally worth it.  All of those are important messages but the thing that they don’t mention at all is anything to do with your health.  I would have preferred to hear messages about how losing weight and getting exercise will improve your overall health while also making you look fabulous.  It’s not all about what a person looks like in the mirror, we can be skinny and still be incredibly unhealthy.  The idea is to drop harmful excess pounds while ALSO improving your health and physical fitness.  

Overall, an excellent project that I think will help lots of people stay on track and get back their motivation if it’s run off for a bit!  Good job, Heidi!

You can go to to read more about the project and also sample the music. 


  1. Bev said,

    February 24, 2008 at 8:13 pm

    Very catchy songs. Love the t-shirt, ‘You can’t buy thin’

    I think this will definitely hit the mark for alot of people.

  2. p4pretention said,

    February 25, 2008 at 7:07 pm

    Oh man, I hate days like that. It’ll usually start with me breaking something. I seriously have no wine or tall glasses left. (The wine because of the alcoholism and the tall glasses from the leaving around and kicking them overism.)

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