Old Fat vs New Fat

As of last week I am now officially in uncharted territory as far as my weight ( I should qualify that by saying that the last time I ever remember my weight was 164 pounds when I was about 15-16…I’m talking about as an adult).  This weekend I zipped over to my mom’s and put on the dress from THIS post…and it FIT!  It was a little snug in the boobs, but that’s to be expected since I didn’t have the boobs I have now when I was 17. 

It got me to wondering if there is such a thing as old fat and new fat.  Is there a cellular difference between fat that was gained more recently or fat that has been in the same place for over a decade? Is it like trying to remove a stain?  The surface stain that only showed up recently is easier to remove than the ground in, baked on stain that’s been around for ages. 

I wonder if that’s why the last pounds are harder to lose?  (not that I’m yet at the stage where I’m thinking about the last pounds).

I was also trying to research the actual act of losing fat.  It’s quite a bit harder to research than one might think (especially when one only uses Google to do the searching).  Someone once told me that fat cells don’t actually go away for a very long time.  Whoever it was told me that they are like little balloons.  They deflate and that’s why a person gets smaller but the actual deflated little cell stays in your body, right in the exact same place it has always been for something like 7 years.  After 7 years (or whatever the ridiculous time frame is) it will be reabsorbed into the body, never to be seen again.  Those deflated little balloons are just sitting there waiting for the opportunity to reinflate as soon as they get the chance.  Ever wonder why you are able to regain weight so quickly?  I think this might be why.

I still have just shy of 40 pounds to lose and all of them are old fat so I’m going to be my own experiment. Anyone who has any additional information to add to my ongoing research of old fat vs. new fat is more than welcome to chime in.  If you have any reliable links, please leave them in the comments.  


  1. Krystle said,

    January 21, 2008 at 9:26 pm

    That’s an excellent thought Shannon… the way you put it into perspective makes sense. NOW, if only we could pop the balloons, and have them dissolve so we never have to worry about them re-inflating again!!! 🙂 What is your absolute goal weight? Mine right now is 164 – with LAWL anyway. I’d like to get down around 150 – 154 though.

  2. Krystle said,

    January 21, 2008 at 9:26 pm

    AND, I just about forgot… WAY TO GO with getting the dress on! That is incredible!!

  3. lululeelee said,

    January 22, 2008 at 1:30 pm

    Sexy dress lady! I never got to wear tiny dresses like that. Now that I have lost weight and I can fit into it, I have extra skin and have to still wear coverall dresses.

    I am hoping to one day have it surgially all repaired, but as my husband and I talk more about kids I think I should wait until after that deed is done.

    Enough about me, congrats on getting back into a teenagers dress! That is really great. I bet you looked marvelous!

    PS I think your story is great and would liek to add you to my blog roll if that is OK with you.

  4. Lady Shanny said,

    January 22, 2008 at 1:42 pm

    Of course, Lululeelee…link away!

  5. Marueze said,

    January 22, 2008 at 5:51 pm

    Woo Hoo….so great that the dress fits…and what’s some more boobs anyway.

    Yes, I have read and heard about the fat baloons also. Your version is better than what I heard since you have them disolving in 7 years….don’t know about that. It would be lovely if that is true. Fingers crossed.

    As for how you can fit in this dress at a heavier weight and old versus new fat. I abelieve that muscle mass may have something to do with it and bone density. Don’t quite know how to make it all into a theory though. Just enjoy.

    I know for myself that things have shifted, breasts have evolved and I have more meat on my bones than I used to. Now I work out or walk to firm it all up and fondly remember how I thought I was heavy at 165.

    Those were the days my friend.

    Hold onto your progress it has been well earned.

  6. ladybeams said,

    January 22, 2008 at 8:12 pm

    I too have heard the balloon theory and hope you are right. I always heard they are with you for life, and yes that’s why it is so easy to ‘fill them back up’.

    Congrats on the dress. Feels good doesn’t it? Several years ago when I had lost weight and kept it off, I loved it that I could where my daughters clothes. While I know when I get back down to that weight, it won’t look the same, I’m willing.LOL.

    I’m not sure about your ‘old fat’ ‘new fat’ theory. It’s interesting. It just sounds so funny, like when a friend was teasing me and said I needed to go get “winter air” in my tires, vs. “summer air”.

  7. Lady Shanny said,

    January 22, 2008 at 8:32 pm

    Ladybeams, please don’t mistake me, the old fat vs new fat is definitely not a theory! 😉 It is simply mindless rambling about something that happened to cross my mind. Good Lord, watch the new diet craze “Old Fat New Fat” get started! LOL! I could make millions! 😛

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