Alright, this is getting ridiculous!  3 days since I’ve posted?  I thought I would just let you know that I’m still here.

I’ve put a little update on the About the Writer page, complete with a new picture. 

Here’s the website plan for the next couple of days.

1.  Recipe of the Week.  Yes, yes.  I know I’ve been telling you that I was going to fix that for awhile now, but I actually am.  Or I’m going to get pissed off and just delete it all.  Cross your fingers that the coding goes well!

2.  New column.  I was asked if I would do an ‘advice’ style column.  I’m not sure what kind of response I’ll get, but we’ll give it a whirl.  It’ll be called “Ask Lady Shanny” and although I’m not a doctor, nutritionist or expert of any kind, I do have opinions and thoughts on just about everything. 

3.  Name Change.  I’ve never loved the name of this website and so it will be changing.  The URL will stay the same and any links that you have on your blog roll coming here will still work.  I’ll let you know when I’ve changed it.

That’s about it.  So if you subscribe to this website via RSS, you’re probably going to see a tonne of ‘updates’ over today and tomorrow while I do all this.


1 Comment

  1. GoGo said,

    December 30, 2007 at 1:40 pm

    Yay!! I’ll be looking forward to seeing all the changes :).

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