On A Lighter Note

It’s snowing here today so I’ve had a lazy, self-indulgent day.  Movies, latte, hockey and mandarin oranges.  I thought I should do something of substance to balance out the laze but I didn’t really know what to write about.  Hilary did the story of her body on her website and while I like that idea, I’m not so much in the mood to do that today.  Pantrypuff did this questionaire on her website so I decided to hijack the idea.  I’ve skipped some of the questions because they don’t apply.

1.  What secret/surprising/personal goal (that is realistically achievable) do you hope to accomplish in the next 15 years?  This goal isn’t so much secret or surprising but it’s definitely personal.  I want to get married and have a family.  That’s it.  That’s the whole thing.  It’s been my goal since before I could remember. 

2.  Can you name an event or a last minute decision that changed the course of your life?  Deciding at 17 that I should move to another province, completely alone.  I would have to say that decision didn’t only change the course of my life but gave me so much trauma and heartache and struggle that I still try and put behind me 8 years later.  I am definitely glad that I did it because I have learned so much about myself and what makes me tick in the years that followed.  But I’m also glad that I never, EVER have to go back.

3.  Who has had the most influence on your life and what did they teach you?  There is no way that I could narrow this down to one person.  There have been so many people that influenced who I am and how I behave that I wouldn’t know where to begin.  I think that everyone you encounter teaches you something about the world or who you are in that world, both good and bad.

4.  Name and describe 3 things on your mind lately.  Christmas shopping and when the hell I’m ever going to get that done.  Weight loss, obviously.  Dating, less obviously but just as important.  (right this minute though, I’m thinking about what I’m going to have for dinner and how I’m going to stay warm at hockey tonight)

5.  If you could go back to one moment in time and change it, what would that moment be and how would you change it?  I know it sounds trite, but I wouldn’t change anything.  Obviously there are things that I know now I would handle differently, but if I hadn’t experienced them the way that I had then I wouldn’t know what I know now, would I?

6.  What is your biggest pet peeve?  I really can only name one?  Messages.  Voicemail drives me NUTS!  If you are going to leave me a message with the intent that I call you back, then just say that.  Don’t outline the entire conversation because chances are that once I’ve called you back, you’re just going to say the same stuff all over again and that means I’ve had to listen to it twice!

7.  What 3 things do you regret not having learned how to do?  Playing the piano; I did learn how to do that when I was little but I didn’t appreciate it at the time and now I couldn’t play a note to save my life.  Rollerblading; it seems like it would be so much fun but I’m scared to fall down.  Sewing; it would be handy to not have to bribe, coerce and blackmail my family members into sewing things for me.

8.  What is your biggest fear?  Not achieving #1

9.  If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?  I would have thicker hair.  Truly.  It’s something that has always bugged the crap out of me!

10.  What is the answer to life, the universe, everything?  Seriously?  As if I wouldn’t make people pay money for that answer! 

11.  What is one food that most people like that you can’t stand?  Olives, celery, salad dressing, peppers, olives and celery.  Yes, I realize that I put olives and celery twice but I hate them so much they deserved two spots!

12.  Name one place that you would like to spend one month visiting?  Is there anywhere on earth so repulsive to you that no amount of money would convince you to go?  I haven’t been very many places so anywhere would be good.  Topping the list would be Grand Caymen (I actually have been there), Australia, Italy, Texas.   I could probably be convinced to go just about anywhere.

13.  What book have you last read and why did you pick it up?  I am a voracious reader but lately I haven’t read much of anything besides the blog list.  My absolute, hands down FAVOURITE books are the Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon.  Fantastic!  Escapist and romantic and historical and absolutely engrossing!

14.  Share a quick recipe for fall.   Better you should look on the left hand side of my website under Recipe of the Week.

15.  Would you rather be financially well off but unhappy?  Or happy but always in need of money?  Definitely happy.  But I’d really rather have both, if you don’t mind.

16.  What is the most comforting sound in the world to you and why?  Hockey Night in Canada on low volume while taking a nap.  That sound has been in my life probably since before I was born.  It’s the sound of family and security and fun and obsession.  The sound I don’t like the most would be wind.  Scary and unpredictable.

17.  What are you paranoid about?  See #8

18.  What trait of yours do you most hope your children will carry on?   My heart.  Hands down!

19.  What is your guilty pleasure?  Aside from food, napping.  I love napping.  Long, warm, snuggly naps.

20.  What would you buy if you had $1000 to spend ONLY on yourself?  Clothes and makeup and shoes.

21.  What were/are your nicknames?  Do you like them?  Koochey, Whitley, Oliver, Doodlebug, Shanny.  And yes, I like them all.

22.  What was your first concert?  Most recent?  I have never been.  I have no desire to go listen to music in a huge crowd of people.  Mostly I have no desire to do anything that involves huge crowds of people.

23.  Have you ever done someone the dirty? I mean really, foully, badly wrong. And would you do it again, and why, or why not?  Yes.  And no, I would never, EVER do that again.

24.  If you could ask The Creator one question, what would it be?  It is not ours to question, just to live the best way we can.

25.  What were your dreams as a child?  Assuming this is talking about career, I wanted to be a teacher.  I’ve also wanted to be a Forensic Pathologist (medical examiner) and a nurse.

26.  What can you do better than most people you know?  Wow, that’s a pretty egotistical question.  I’m going to say write. 

27.  What’s your favourite bird and why?  That was really one of the questions!  I swear!  My favourite bird is my sweet lovebird.  Go HERE for a picture of the sweetness.

28.  When/where did you last go camping?  I don’t camp.  As an adult I’ve only done it twice.  But the last time was AWESOME!  We had a group of people from work go.  It was all covert, we didn’t know where we were going or what would happen when we got there.  Once we arrived we realized it was camping.  The night that we actually slept in tents was a time when I laughed so hard I cried.  It was me and another girl (and then there were 8 guys in other tents) and we decided to set our tent up, not on the nice level gravel, but on the more forgiving pine needles under a lovely tree.  Turns out that when it was time to go to sleep and we crawled in the tent, our tent was on a pretty serious downhill grade and so we spent the cold sleepless night sliding into the bottom corner of the tent and then hauling ourselves back up to the top.  We are BAD tent-set-uppers!  Also that was the weekend that I may or may not have stood up in a canoe (twice) and flipped it over (twice).  In October.  And it was the same guy in the other side both times.  He was NOT happy.  He wouldn’t have gotten in the second day had everyone else not refused to canoe with me!  That was a GREAT weekend!

29.  What home improvement project is up next on your list?  Cleaning up my spare room would be a lovely start.  Living in a small-ish apartment means that the spare room becomes a dumping ground for anything that I don’t want to look at anymore or can’t find a place for.

30.  Which season is your favourite?  Fall. 

31.  MAC or PC?  I have a Toshiba laptop but when I buy again it will probably be a Macbook.  You can do more creatively with the MAC.

32.  What would you say the best thing about getting older is?  Every year that passes I become less of a stranger to myself.  With age comes wisdom and I like that who I am and what I want is becoming more cemented all the time.  But I’m NOT OLD!!!!!!!!!!!

33.  What is the most surprising thing that you’ve learned about the BlogWorld?  I’m astonished at how many fantastic writers there are out there who are not published.  I’m astonished at how much people can come to care for complete strangers.  I’m constantly surprised by the people who come to my website and say such lovely things and care so much about me, someone they have never met!

34.  If you were told you could build any style house, what would it be and how big?  My house would be giant!  I would love to have lots of space.  Style?  I like the idea of living outside of city limits, far enough away that it feels like you’re alone, but close enough to a big city that I’m not deprived.  So outside of city limits, whatever would fit into the backdrop.  Maybe on a lake somewhere?

35.  What type of dog is your favourite and why?  I don’t want one, but probably a lab or a german shephard.  I also love my dad’s dog and she’s a border collie.  Let’s not get me a dog until I have the giant house out in the country, kay?

36.  Who is your favourite NFL team?  NHL?   NFL would be the Seahawks.  I used to watch football all the time and I loved the Dallas Cowboys.  For years.  I didn’t watch for awhile and now that I am again, the Seahawks are worth watching.  Plus they are the closest team to where I live.  NHL would be the Vancouver Canucks.  But my back-up teams are the Buffalo Sabres and the Montreal Canadiens.

Did you make it this far?  Do you feel like you know everything there is to know about me?  Too much?  Something that didn’t make this list that you are itching to know about me?  Leave a comment and I’ll answer.



  1. Krystle said,

    December 1, 2007 at 6:22 pm

    Pantrypuff stole this from me… ha! On my http://simplysweetness.wordpress.com blog… 🙂

  2. hilary said,

    December 2, 2007 at 9:05 am

    Ooh I love mentions of people’s favorite books, cos I’m such a little nerdling. I will have to check out the Outlander series.

    I love learning these sorts of things about friends—it’s not too much at all :).

    And yeah, you have to be in a certain kind of mood to write the story of your body. I did it in a sudden burst of energy, but it was painful to re-read.

  3. pantrypuff said,

    December 2, 2007 at 11:37 am

    Great answers! I love naps too 🙂

  4. Anonymous said,

    December 2, 2007 at 5:25 pm

    ‘scuse me! Doodlebug is ME!

  5. MamaBearJune said,

    December 5, 2007 at 12:47 pm

    Regarding #7, you do know it’s never too late to learn something, right? Learning sewing is so easy and so much fun. I learned to quilt when I was almost 30. I was the same way as you with the piano and have been getting easy play books and teaching myself.

    Never stop learning! I know time is always the hard thing to find, though. 🙂

    Enjoyed reading your list.

  6. Denton said,

    December 6, 2007 at 7:39 am

    We have a little in common. I LOVE Diana Gabaldon books – all of them. Also, you mentioned you may want to visit Texas, well – come on down! I live near Dallas Texas and love it. Texas has everything and its HUGE.

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