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Hi Blog-People!

I know, I’ve been really bad about updating.  I’m sorry.  By the time I get home from all the gall-dang walking, eat dinner and get everything ready for the morning, I’m DONE!  It should get better though.  Stick with me for just a few more days while I get used to the new routine.

There is not much going on in Lady-Shanny-World.  Plodding right along.  But while I’ve been plodding, I’ve been hearing a little voice in the back of my head begging me to stop.  It’s Little Naked Shanny (wow, I can just see how many creepy website hits I’m going to get with that one!).  What I mean by LNS is that there is the part of me that the fat has protected for a really long time.  And now that the fat is going, LNS is wondering how she’s going to protect herself down the road. 

The fat has always stopped people from getting too close.  It’s stopped people from really seeing who I am.  That’s not their fault, it’s the way it is; generally image comes first and if you aren’t putting out an appealing image, most people tend to walk away rather than investing the time to get to know you.  Not all of those people are jerks, it’s just human nature.  So now that my outward image is going to be more pleasing to the eye, I have to find a new way to protect LNS.  I feel a little bad for LNS because no one consulted her when The Main Shanny decided to start losing the weight and make a lifestyle change.  And now LNS is left to deal with the fall out.  LNS is going to have to figure something out, because I am NOT going through this all again.  The Main Shanny is doing this ONE time and then maintaining it. 

“Insert Random Topic Change Here.”

I was wondering if anyone out there in Blog-Land has ever had the following problem.  We all know (OK, some of you might not, but you do now) that I don’t do committment.  I have a really hard time once I feel obligated to do something or obligated to someone.  I’ll give you some examples so you know what I’m talking about.  A few years ago, I went to the gym 3-4 times a week.  I always paid the drop in rate.  After a couple of months, I decided to get a membership to save myself some money.  And then I never went again.  About 2 years ago, I started going tanning.  I paid the drop in rate and went a couple of times a week.  After a couple of months, I decided to get a monthly pass to save myself some money.  And then I never went again.  A few years ago I started going to church with a friend of mine.  It was great at first, but once I felt like I was obligated to go, I stopped.  What was worse in that situation is that the friend totally turned on me in a very UN-church-like way about my not going every single Sunday.  So then I never went again and suffice it to say, we are no longer friends.  I have many more examples of instances where I stopped going to things once I was committed.  Here’s the problem.  I would really like to buy the FareSaver transit pass so that the Skytrain-ing that I do twice a day will save me some money.  But I don’t want to buy one given my past performance because so far I’m really enjoying the walking and I don’t want my weird committment-phobia to get the upper hand on this one.  Now, I should mention that I bought a Season Pass for Weight Watchers which saves me about $9/week and is good until December 22nd.  I bought it about 3 weeks ago and I’ve still gone every Tuesday.  What’s the deal?  I was trying to do some self-discovery last night and figure out what’s going on.  But the tanning one stumped me.  The activity where you get naked and LAY DOWN?  And I never went again?  What’s up with that?  Does anyone else have this issue?  What have you done about it?

“Insert Another Random Topic Change Here And Hope Your Readers Can Keep Up”

I haven’t put a recipe up in Recipe of the Week.  I have one, but the page publisher is being an asshole and keeps changing all my formatting and the HTML code is not playing nice.  I am TOO TIRED to fight with it, so if you came looking for the new recipe, keep your panties on, it’ll be up tomorrow.

The quiz is still open for anyone who wants to play….in fact both of them are.  I really, REALLY love reading the responses.  I like getting to know you guys.  And those of you who read but don’t comment (you know who you are, as do I!) this is a great way to comment without feeling like you need to be profound or wordy.  Come on, PLEASE????  PLAY WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!


1 Comment

  1. Lasserday said,

    November 17, 2007 at 3:30 pm

    I am a new reader and am really enjoying your blog.

    I have the same commitment issue! I have no bloody idea what it is about.

    I am really hoping that you have actually figured it out and i will stumble upon it in a few more posts….it is the most irritating thing! i have a similar childhood, it sounds like, so maybe it has something to do with that? ugh!

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