Something to aim at

Thanks to all you incredible, lovely, caring people who responded to my last post (and every post).  I had no idea how helpful support was.  I’ve always been the kind of person to do everything on my own, but you all have shown me how nice it can be to have people in your corner. 

Since the last post was a bit tragic, I thought I would put up something a little more uplifting today.  It’s goal setting time! Yay!!!!!  Cheer with me……………………………you’re not cheering.  CHEER WITH ME!  OK, better.

I’m not big on rewarding myself every step of the way.  I feel like the number on the scale getting smaller and my clothes fitting better is reward in itself.  However, I am into rewarding myself for persistence, milestones and triumph over struggle.  So let’s talk achievements and what the rewards will be.

Milestone #1 ~ 10% Weight Loss This is going to be a big one for me.  It’ll be awhile in coming, but I have every confidence that it will come.  So I’m going to do something that I have never felt comfortable doing because I’ve never felt like I have done anything to deserve it.  I’m going to the spa.  I’m not sure what services I’ll get (it’ll be fun reviewing the ‘menu’ when it gets closer) but I will have done something that I can be proud of and I will deserve the treat. 

Milestone #2 ~ 40lb Weight Loss  If the one before was big, this one is going to be even bigger.  I’m not going to project that far ahead because I don’t know what time of year it will be (2008 no doubt) or how I will have changed by then.  As that gets closer, I will start to think about my reward but at least I’ve put down a road-marker.

Triumph over Struggle There are going to be days that are harder than the rest.  There are going to be situations that require stamina and endurance.  Of that I have no doubt.  It’s how I handle them that is going to be the test.  I don’t want to put a disclaimer on here that the struggle has to be a certain level of difficulty, or that I have to endure it for a certain length of time.  I’ll know when I’ve had a particularly rough time and will reward myself accordingly for staying on course.  My reward of choice for this is Starbucks.  I love Starbucks and it’s hard to not go there at the drop of a hat.  I bought some Sugar Free Caramel Syrup and have been making my own Soy Lattes at home (it’s good, but not the same).  But as a reward for the abovementioned, I will be treating myself to The Original Grande Soy Latte w/ Sugar Free Caramel Syrup, No Foam.  It’s not particularly indulgent point-wise (3pts) but then, the idea is to reward myself for staying ON the plan and I don’t want a reward that is OFF the plan. Mmmmm….can I have a rough time right now to get one of those?  Kidding of course!

Persistence  I know that the weight isn’t going to continue to come off at over 5lbs/week.   My persistence during plateaus and tiny losses (or tiny gains) deserve reward.  They deserve reward because I will have to remind myself that I am doing the right thing, that it works and that I have to persevere.  I would love to put Starbucks in this slot too, but a non-food based reward is probably better in this situation.  So it’ll be something small, like a fashion ring, or nail polish or new eye-shadow.  Something like that where, when I see it or use it, I will be reminded that I’m on the right track.

My Ultimate Goal  Well, obviously my ultimate goal is to get to a suitable, healthy weight and look great!  But how will I reward myself for that?  I have some ideas but for now I will only share one.  I have a beautiful navy blue, sweetheart neckline, sleeveless evening gown.  It was custom made for me when I graduated high school.  It’s lined with navy blue satin, floor length and gorgeous.  So one of my rewards is going to be to wear that dress again and get my picture taken professionally (Kathleen?).  The idea in my head is that my twin sister and I both put those dresses on again and have our pictures taken together, on a beach.  The idea in my head is that the pictures are fun and funny and a visible reminder of what I’ve done.  Now, I know that in the last 11 years (Oh Lord!) my body may have changed so that that dress will never fit again (ladies, you know what I’m talking about) so I have a back up plan.  If I am not able to alter the dress to fit, I will go out and buy myself a new evening gown.  And THEN I’ll get my photo taken on the beach.  (Here’s the dress, with me in it 11 years ago)


So those are some of my goals and rewards.  Do you have anything special in mind for your milestones?  How do you reward yourself for staying the course? 




  1. Bev said,

    September 15, 2007 at 8:41 pm

    WOW! You looked so grown up in that picture and you were only 17! What a knockout. I love your idea of the dresses and photos at the beach….I know you can do it.
    You have the most amazing people leaving incredible comments on your site…and you deserve it.

  2. hueyea said,

    September 15, 2007 at 10:36 pm

    Shannon – You look so beautiful! You’ll look even more beautiful this time around because you’ll have the added confidence of your accomplishment. Confidence is oh so sexy!

    I’m a big Starbuck’s lover also. try the Sugar free Cinnamon Dolce syrup, and my fav’s are any of the grande size light frap (3pts)!

  3. shannon12271 said,

    September 15, 2007 at 11:26 pm

    Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge, Starbucks in Canada does not serve a light frappucino (at least it’s not on the menu).

  4. crookedeyebrow said,

    September 16, 2007 at 7:28 am

    oh I miss starbucks, I went to plain coffee because I can’t be trusted yet not to order a triple venti caramel macchiatto.

    I think setting your milestones is great! That is my goal this week, to set my goals.

    Great job!

  5. marueze said,

    September 16, 2007 at 8:00 am

    Great Photo! Mini Milestone Rewards are a wonderful idea! Especially the fact that even if the Starbucks is within pointage, there are other indulgences to make yourself happy than taste gratification. 🙂
    One of the behavior modification/efficiency gurus said something along the line that…. it takes 21 days for something that you do to become a habit. . . .so you are over 1/3 of the way there to creating habits for a healthier & happier you. This journey is mental, emotional and physical. For each path a different factor takes the lead. Sounds like things are falling into place for you.

  6. Tarable said,

    September 16, 2007 at 7:16 pm

    Hey – Starbucks here DOES have the light frappucinos! They aren’t listed on the menu but you just have to tell the barista that you want a light one and they’ll make it for you!

  7. katapilla22 said,

    September 17, 2007 at 10:01 am

    Way to go Shannon! I look forward to taking those pictures and am flattered you even call me a professional! LOL I will be there armed with cameras…can’t wait!

    You’re doing such an awesome job! I’m very impressed that you are on top of this blogging thing too! It takes incredible courage to talk about your feelings and goals especially in such an open forum, so I admire your honesty and openess.

    I think I need to go write some goals now…

  8. shannon12271 said,

    September 17, 2007 at 9:54 pm

    Katapilla! I do love to be admired…. 😛 Actually, this whole honesty, letting people in, accepting assistance in whatever form it comes in is all new to me. So I’m very glad to see that you are admiring me. I never expected the comments from people that I’ve gotten…here on the website and in person. It’s nice to see, for once, that I am not disappointed by people. You, my dear, are a shining star!

  9. Princess Darcy said,

    September 17, 2007 at 10:39 pm

    OH God!
    Okay, I’ll put that dress on again, but you might have to sew me into it, and I’m not looking forward to trying to cinch my neck into that thinger… maybe I could take the straps and thinger off and have it be a halter dress? With bungee cords holding it together? Ya? Okay, great!

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