Some Tips

I got alot of my reasons and fears out in the last post.  That feels pretty good.  So now I’m going to share some of the things that ease the transition to a new way of eating.  Ready?

1.  Leave a food scale on the counter.  You will use it often.  If you are measuring something sticky or messy (fruit, chicken), measure the food into a cheapy sandwich bag (those fold over ones are pretty good, $1.99 for 100).  Then you can just toss the bag and not have to worry about washing the scale bowl.  It’s a toss up between creating garbage and convenience of not having to wash the scale 19 times a day.

2.  Each evening, plan your menu (and use the tracker) for the next day.  I get my breakfast ready the night before (wash the peach, measure the cereal into a zippy bag, measure the milk into a little bottle) while I’m making my lunch for the next day.  Do the prep while you have the time.  The quickest way to fall out of line is when you have no extra time in the morning to decide what to eat, measure it and prepare it for breakfast and lunch.

3.  Find a water bottle that you like, figure out how many 8oz servings it is equivilant to and then start drinking it.  If it is hard for you to drink the water, try Crystal Light (the US has better flavours than Canada), try TrueLemon Crystals (in the juice crystal aisle).  Try drinking the water at room temperature or try it loaded with ice.  If you can trust me on something, trust this.  It does get easier to drink the water.  When you are no longer dehydrated, your natural thirst will return and the water will go down easier.  Also, if you find yourself visiting the loo 40 times a day, remember that if you stick with the water drinking, after a few days your body will adjust back to normal peeing frequency.  Also, every time I go pee, I imagine that I’m peeing out fat cells.  I don’t know if I am, but it makes me less bitter about being in a bathroom stall many, many times a day (just during the adjustment process). 

4.  My last tip for the day is this.  Write it down!  Get a large sheet of paper (packing paper, poster board) and put it on the fridge.  As you figure out the points values for something you eat all the time, jot it onto the paper.  It will be a quick reference for your frequent foods.  Also, write in your Quick Tracker that they give you at the meetings.  You HAVE to write down what you eat.  It is too easy to forget, to miscalculate, to go over or under.  WRITE IT DOWN!  Be as specific or general as you want.  Just make sure that when you read it back later you know what you ate.  And keep those journals.  Later on, if you are ever stuck for menu ideas, read over them.  You may find something that you had forgotten about.

Those are my tips.  Does anyone else have any tips that make preparation easier?  Something you do that you think others could benefit from?  Share!  That’s the corner stone of Weight Watchers.  Share your tips, share your success.



  1. Tarable said,

    September 8, 2007 at 12:36 pm

    I have a “wine/beer” fridge in my living room – and I’ve replaced most of the liquor (need to have some on hand in case of emergency) with bottles of water. (Costco sells the bottle water in gigantic cases for very cheap) I find that water is easier to drink if it comes from a bottle – and already chilled. So I am always reaching into that beer fridge – except for a bottle of water now instead of a bottle of beer/wine/vodka…

    Another thing – I keep my WW supplies with me at all times. The Journal, Week 1 Book, Eating Out Guide, etc. That way I’m always prepared for anything that comes my way. Knowing how many points are in something is half the battle. That way you can make better choices – instead of guessing.

    I always keep one or two WW bars on me at all times as well. You never know when you could get stuck in a situation where there is no good food choices but you NEED to eat something (i.e. – working OT when you hadn’t planned to) They’re very satisfying and I think they’re quite delicous – and they sustain you for much longer if you suck back a bottle of water whilst eating one.

    Ok, I’ve said enough for now…

  2. Princess Darcy said,

    September 10, 2007 at 10:08 am

    BTW, you NEED to drink TONNES of water with any meal type replacement bar… They’re so dense and loaded that if you don’t drink tons of water… your poopy becomes dense and then you stop going… seriously it only takes a minute…
    Also, if your meal plan involves a lot of meat, and/or you find yourself ‘backed up’, try putting a tbsp of ground flax seed into your cereal in the am… you’ll have to figure out points for it, as it’s a fat on the zone, but it will keep you RIDICULOUSLY regular… as in, even if you’re ‘backed up’ you’ll go within around 10-15 min of eating your cereal…
    There you have it.. my comments about poo… You’re welcome!

  3. Tarable said,

    September 10, 2007 at 12:38 pm

    ~ The WW bars aren’t meal replacements. They’re meant just for a low calorie chocolate snack.

  4. hueyea said,

    September 10, 2007 at 1:19 pm

    Loved your comment about peeing away the fat cells! I can only imagine. 🙂

    I also keep a back up of frozen low point meals and of course oatmeal in the kitchen at work. Really long shelf life for both just in case I’m running late for breakfast or didn’t pack a lunch.

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